Núcleo Interativo de Astronomia e Inovação em Educação

Innovating in Education for a Better Future


Certified teacher training courses addressing cutting-edge methodologies and tools.



Active participation in relevant international institutions and projects in the field of education and development.


Outreach and non-formal education activities, because scientific literacy is essential for understanding our role in the future of our planet.


Participation in projects for development, because education is the key to personal, social, and economic development.

NUCLIO coordinates several international initiatives

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Galileo Teacher Training Program
Global Hands-on Universe
Portuguese Language Office of Astronomy for Development


NUCLIO signs a protocol with the Portuguese National Council of Education within the framework of the DICA project

It was with great honour that NUCLIO signed a collaboration protocol with the Portuguese CNE, within the scope of the DICA project (Disseminate, Innovate, Collaborate, Learn).

LaSciL Winter School 2023 – Alqueva

Dates: 17-21 February 2023
Venue: Observatório do Lago do Alqueva, Monsaraz, Portugal
Enjoy 5 days under the darkest skies of Portugal while learning how to use robotic telescopes and bring the Universe to your classroom!

Season’s Greetings and Happy 2023

Merry Christmas and Happy 2023 with more diversity and inclusion!

inSTEAM: an example of good practices of Erasmus+ projects

The inSTEAM project has been selected as an example of good practices of Erasmus+ projects by the Spanish webpage SEPIE, the portal of the Spanish Service for the internationalization of Education!

STEM4CLIM8 Multiplier Event in Portugal

The “STEM4CLIM8 Conference: Hands-on educational play approaches to STEM and Climate Change” Multiplier Event was held in Cascais, Portugal, on September 29 and October 1, 2022.


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