Science Outreach

The birth of NUCLIO resulted from the recognition, at the beginning of the 21st century, that there were no sources with quality scientific information in Portuguese, particularly in the fields of Astronomy and Astrophysics. Thus, we launched Portal do Astrónomo which having undergone several transformations remains alive and up to date.

Portal do Astrónomo

Visit the Portal and stay up to date with the latest news in Astronomy

NUCLIO has been carrying out science outreach activities among communities all over the country, participating in initiatives such as “Astronomy in the Summer” from Ciência Viva program and organizing lectures, workshops, observation sessions, exhibitions and much more. 

The actions organized in Cascais have the support of Cascais Municipality, through projects such as CELESTE, as well as several schools.

NUCLIO also takes scientific dissemination to many other parts of the world through actions carried out within the scope of the several projects we coordinate or of which we are partners.

Some images of our outreach activities:

Observação do Sol com telescópio - Sun Observation with telescope.
50 Anos dos Primeiros Passos Humanos na Lua - Exposição; 50 Years of the First Human Steps on the Moon - Exhibition
Eclipse do Sol - 2015; Solar Eclipse -2025
Atividade para crianças - CIAPS; Children Activity - CIAPS
Crianças aprendem distâncias no Sistema Solar; Children learn distances in the Solar System
Eclipse Solar 2015; Solar Eclipse 2015
Observação do Céu noturno com telescópios no Paredão de Cascais; Observation of the night sky with telescopes at Paredão of Cascais.
Crianças aprendem as fases da Lua. Children learn the phases of the Moon.
Observação da Lua com telescópio; Moon observation with telescope.
A grande feira de projetos do Festival Internacional Science on Stage 2019, no Centro de Congressos do Estoril, em Cascais. The great project fair of the Science on Stage 2019 International Festival, at the Estoril Congress Center, in Cascais.
O astronauta análogo Gernot Gromer no Festival Internacional Science on Stage 2019; Analogue astronaut Gernot Gromer at the Science on Stage 2019 International Festival.
A equipa portuguesa no Festival Science on Stage 2019 - Foto de Grupo; The Portuguese team at the Science on Stage 2019 Festival - Group Photo;