NUCLIO Visual Identity

The NUCLIO logo is the only allowed logo for internal and external communication.

The inappropriate and/or unauthorised use of logos can lead to legal consequences.

This section gives details on how to use the NUCLIO logo, and includes downloadable image files.

Logo Versions and how to use

The positive (dark lettering) version is recommended on a white, neutral or light coloured background.

The negative version (light lettering) is recommended on a dark or vivid background, provided there is enough contrast.

NUCLIO Logo - Black.
NUCLIO Logo - White


Black #000000
Blue #6599fe
White #ffffff


Application of the logo on photographic backgrounds is allowed, provided there is enough contrast to make the logo readable.

The logo is indissociable in all its component elements and must not be altered. For reasons of integrity and visibility, it should always be surrounded by a clear space.

 Download the positive version (png)

 Download the negative version (png)

If you need a different format please contact us.