One of NUCLIO’s pillars of action is the participation in projects supporting development.

Starting from dissemination in astronomy, evolving to education/training in several fields of science through participation in national and international projects, supporting development naturally turned out to be NUCLIO’s next field of action.

In 2015, NUCLIO responds to a request from the IAU (International Astronomical Union) and, in partnership with several entities in Portuguese-speaking countries, creates the PLOAD (Portuguese Language Office of Astronomy for Development) with the goal of implementing the UAI Strategic Plan.

To learn more about PLOAD and its goals, please visit the project’s website:


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In 2020, the NUCLIO Trust, a project developed by NUCLIO to support global causes through citizen involvement and donations, was born. 

The main mission of the NUCLIO Trust is to promote equality and inclusion in education and providing equal opportunities for all students in the world.

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