OAS – Open Astronomy Schools was a IAU100 Global Project coordinated by NUCLIO.

OAS invited the already existing community of teachers and trainers involved in teacher training events since 2009 in the framework of projects like the Galileo Teacher Training Program, Universe Awareness and others.

The OAS global project proposed a series of challenges and opportunities especially designed for the education community. The community building approach foreseen in the OSOS (Open Schools for Open Societies) project was used to involve major stakeholders.

Schools at the centre of their communities played a major role in the project that aimed to achieve important results and bring the OSOS vision to formal and informal settings all over the world. Co-creation of teacher training opportunities, selection of tools and resources adapted to integrate social and cultural aspects of local communities, embedding research opportunities to enrich lessons, fighting light pollution were some of the projects that OAS aimed to implement under this important flagship. Stakeholders from all over the world were invited to become members of the Open Schooling movement.

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