Date: 11-15 September 2023
Venue:  ESACVillafranca del Castillo, Spain.

The European Space Agency and the Galileo Teacher Training Program join hands again to bring cutting-edge training opportunities to all interested teachers.

ESA-GTTP 2023 The Unlimited Universe will present the greatest discoveries and advances in space sciences accomplished in 2022 and highlight the upcoming launches of space satellites in 2023. The program will combine lectures given by experts with practical workshops to learn how to design student projects using scientific data obtained by world-class missions.

ESAC, ESA’s window to the Universe, welcomes teachers from all over the world. Meet the scientists, visit the facilities, and learn about the discoveries taking place there.

The training is organized by CESAR (Cooperation through Education in Science and Astronomy Research), the resident educational team at ESAC, and NUCLIO (the coordinator of the Galileo Teacher Training Program), with the support of the team from the IAC (Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias), the Faulkes Telescope Project and the National Schools’ Observatory, and in partnership with the ESIA (European School Innovation Academy).

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