It is no secret that STEM subjects – comprised of the sciences, technology, engineering, and mathematics – are likely to be key to the economy of the future. As jobs depend increasingly on technology and scientific understanding, so young people will increasingly need to have a strong grounding in STEM subjects at the very least. But beyond that, STEM will likely prove decisive in addressing environmental concerns, protecting society against climate change through greater innovation and necessary technological adjustment.

The STEM4CLIM8 project has the following objectives:

  • To support teachers and other educators in developing more practical and engaging approaches to teaching STEM
  • To develop a set of materials and resources that support these new STEM and environmental learning approaches
  • To promote STEM skills and employability among children and young people, as well as a sense of environmental consciousness
  • To create a community of practice for teachers and other educators in STEM, through a virtual Club, that will be able to share knowledge and broaden the reach of the console and supporting resources

More information on the project website: