Connecting Classrooms to the Milky Way  was a project of the EU-HOU Consortium (HandsOn-Universe, Europe), supported by the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Community, and involving 11 European countries (France, Poland, Romania, Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Belgium, Portugal, UK, Sweden and Germany),

The main goal of this project was to set up the first network of small radiotelescopes (SRT) dedicated to education all around Europe and directly accessible from a simple Web interface. The instruments were installed in five different European countries (France, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain)..

As part of this project, educational and pedagogical resources were developed for the study of the Milky Way in the classroom, using interactive methods based on Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) and new information and computing technologies.

European Coordination: Univ. Pierre & Marie Curie, in France.
Coordination in Portugal: NUCLIO, Portuguese representative of the European Hands-on Universe (EU-HOU).