Science on stage Portugal – Evento Nacional

O Evento Nacional para seleção de professores portugueses para o Festival Europeu em 2017 vai decorrer em Lisboa no próximo dia 30 de abril de 2016!

Mais uma vez professores de todo o país e de todos os níveis de ensino são convidados a inscrever as suas ideias criativas para ensinar ciências, matemática ou TIC e apresentá-las numa feira de educação!

Os professores selecionados terão a oportunidade única de participar no Festival de Debrecen, na Hungria de 29 de junho a 2 de julho e apresentar o seu projeto e materiais a outros 350 professores europeus!

As inscrições abrem brevemente! 








European Festival Science on Stage

The festival, hosted every two years in a differ­ent country, is the culmination of national events in the participating countries. Following the festivals the ideas are cascaded through­out participating countries and participants have the opportunity to work together and develop their teaching skills.

What is a “good project”?:

All projects represent inquiry-based learning approaches.


  • Science for the Youngest – Projects for pre-school and primary school children.
  • Science and our Environment – Projects which use science to explore envi­ronmental, health and sustainability issues.
  • ICT in Science Education – Projects which use information and commu­nication technologies in the classroom.
  • Inclusive Science – Projects which address socio-economic, gender and cultural inequalities.
  • Cooperation for Science Teaching – Projects developed in cooperation with schools, the industry or universities.
  • Low-cost Science – Projects which are simple and can be adapted by everyone.
  • Joint projects – Projects developed in cooperation between teachers from different countries, one of whom at least participated in a previous fes­tival.



All participants present their projects and experiments at stands in an exhibition. The fair is the main element of the festival.


Interactive hands-on sessions from teachers for teachers to work together to learn and practice new skills, develop activities or cre­ate resources.

On Stage Performances

Participants hold plenary presentations, performances or experimental lectures on a stage.


To improve the quality of teaching by:

  • enabling science teachers to exchange teaching concepts and experience
  • inspiring and motivating science teachers
  • informing teachers about wider scientific research


The ultimate goal of Science on Stage is to improve science teaching thereby promoting a more scientifically literate population, and encouraging more schoolchildren to consider a career in science or engineering.

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