Núcleo Interativo de Astronomia e Inovação em Educação

Innovating in Education for a Better Future


Certified teacher training courses addressing cutting-edge methodologies and tools.



Active participation in relevant international institutions and projects in the field of education and development.


Outreach and non-formal education activities, because scientific literacy is essential for understanding our role in the future of our planet.


Participation in projects for development, because education is the key to personal, social, and economic development.

NUCLIO coordinates several international initiatives

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Galileo Teacher Training Program
Global Hands-on Universe
Portuguese Language Office of Astronomy for Development



Registration is open for the ASTRONOMY EDUCATION ADVENTURE IN THE CANARY ISLANDS 2022 – “Astronomy for Sustainable Development”.
24-29 July 2022 – hybrid format (in person – Tenerife – and online).
Join us in this adventure!

Rosa Doran wins the first edition of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) Astronomy Education Prize

This is one of three new awards created by the IAU earlier this year and recognise individuals and organisations that have made outstanding contributions to the fields of astronomy outreach, development and education.

Galileo Teacher Training Courses 2022

In 2022, the Galileo Teacher Training courses will be held in several formats: face-to-face, hybrid and online.
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ESIA Summer School 2022

ESIA Summer Schools 2022, in Marathon and Crete, Greece!
Dates: 3 – 8 July and 10 – 15 July
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ESA’s Gaia mission released new data

ESA’s Gaia mission released its new treasure trove of data about our home galaxy. Astronomers describe strange ‘starquakes’, stellar DNA, asymmetric motions and other fascinating insights in this most detailed Milky Way survey to date.

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First Images From NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Coming Soon

The first official images and data from James Webb, to be released on July 12, will showcase the telescope’s capabilities and kick off its scientific mission.

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A snapshot from the heart of our galaxy

The amazing image of the black hole in the center of our galaxy in the new Space Scoop.

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