Meet the educators!

Here we can meet education and tactile resources experts that continuously help to build and implement the tactile activities produced by this project.

Meet Albhashy Lejkabre from Dominican Republic

meet Albhashy







Syrian by birth, I studied veterinary and Zootechny in Colombia, initiating community work with indigenous people in Cauca and Tolima in the Andean region of Colombia. In 1999 I was invited to give lectures in Dominican Republic where “Manitas en la Calle” was born, a foundation that is dedicated to work with abandoned and abused children of the island (Haiti and Dominican Republic), since then this group of professionals are dedicated to build and realize dreams for a better future.

Meet Breezy Ocaña Flaquer from Dominican Republic

meet breezy




My Name is Breezy Ocaña Flaquer. I am from the Dominican Republic and I did study Astronomy. I finished my PhD in 2010 and since then I have done one postdoc in India and another one in Portugal. My passion is though, to play using Astronomy as my subject, and try to reach the hart of kids (in age, and hart) using any material around us and not being stopped by our economical, social or physical condition. As long we are alive, I believe we have a way, we just have to use our imagination to search for it.

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Meet Renata Rydvalová from Czech Republic


My name is Renata Rydvalová. I am from Liberec, Czech Republic. First I studied Economy in Germany, but some years later I decided to establish my own Kindergarten. At the moment I work full time with children at the age 2-6 years und parallel to it I study Special pedagogy for preschool age at the Technical University of Liberec. The program in our Kindergarten focuses on environmental education. We have also small farm (horses, goats, sheep..). For understanding our environmental system is important to understand what impact have phenomenon like water, air, fire, sold and others on it. So we do lot of physical and chemical experiments. We meet regularly our friends from Kindergarten for handicapped children. This cooperation supports one of my visions – to integrate a handicapped child in our Kindergarten. The project “Meet our Neighbours” enhances our activities. So I am very happy to join it!

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Meet Katarzyna Kowalska from Poland


My name is Katarzyna Kowalska and I am a science and geography teacher in the European School in Lodz (Poland). Last year I was teaching Science and English in Spain (in Velez-Malaga) doing my Comenius assistantship. After this experience I knew that I want to teach in a bilingual school in Poland when I am back. I was lucky to get a job in one of a few private bilingual schools in my city. I started with kids in primary school (level 4-6 in Poland so kids from 9-12 years old) teaching Science in English. In Poland it is a combination between Geography, Biology, Physics and Chemistry. It is a very fascinating and practical subject that interests most of the kids. We do a lot of experiments and also practical exercises that can help them in everyday life. I am keen on international cooperation and I believe the project about astronomy will be very interesting for my kids.